Sunday, January 17, 2010

Central Park in Snow

One morning, just a few days into my vacation, I woke up and decided that this was my day to walk up through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum. What I didn't know, leaving my friend Larry's apartment, was that it had snowed the night before and there was a soft blanket of white in Central Park.

I walked through the park with a huge grin on my cold and slightly numbed face, following my breath as it lead the way. I took pictures and watched kids trying out their skills on the ice rink. I walked past monuments and bronze sculptures with snow at their feet, past quiet fountains and the pond, covered in ice and snow with canoes resting on the shore of the boathouse. Quiet. Magical.

I love New York.

The color of springtime
is in the flowers,
the color of winter
is in the imagination.
~Ward Elliot Hour

If you can ...
bundle up and take a walk.
Enjoy the season.

Feel the cool air on your cheeks
and see the leafless trees as sculptures.


erin's art and gardens said...

sculptures, indeed! i see them. lovely images...i am so jealous of your trip to n.y. and the guggenheim!!! you must be uber inspired! i've been painting up a storm and it feels sooo good! not much time for blogging though.......

Sarah said...

These pictures are stunning! I miss NYC xxx

BB said...

Awsome photos !
Yeah, i guess that Cental park must be wonderfull in winter.
And the black and white photos match the season !

PK Studios said...

Love B&W....LOVE your photos. need to start marketing your photography.... besides law "institutes" ! : )

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I love your black and whites especially of Central Park...One day I will spend a Christmas there and skate in these pictures! Cheers

Aron said...

snow in central park can be the most amazing thing! Thanks for sharing!

Blogger said...

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