Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve!  

I avoided the whole "pre-fix" meal and cover charge thing, with my friend and fellow single gal Amanda, headed to sushi, a mere walking distance from my apartment. The food was delicious and we allowed ourselves to go a bit nuts, not knowing if there would be much food at the party she got us invited to.

Unfortunately, Google maps sent us to the wrong place! It was like looking for parties in high school where you would drive up and down the streets listening for party noises. (Was that just my town?) Not the greatest thing to have happen at night, in a big city, in a strange neighborhood. After driving my little Honda around like Mr. Toad's wild ride for a while and trying to get through on Amanda's cell phone to the hostess, we had 15 minutes to spare before the big count-down.  

I raced my little red car up La Brea, made a quick left on Melrose and pulled into the Frankie's parking lot. (A little Italian place I used to go, with a bar that feels more like New York than L.A.)  We walked in to a big welcome from Frankie himself, a sweet, funny, 5 foot tall Italian man, who (according to bartender lore) knew all the members of the Rat Pack. "Hey Sweetheart! Welcome!" he smiled giving me a huge hug. All the guys came out of the kitchen, champagne was passed around and we all counted down to the new year to Frank Sinatra serenading us over the sound system.  As my friend Evelyn says, "The plan is perfect." 

Start today to follow your heart.
Map out your own journey.
Have the adventure of a lifetime.
Journey to the Heart

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