Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Cove

I watched an amazing documentary tonight that I rented on Netflix. It's called The Cove. It is powerful, moving, motivating ... and plays like a thriller. I'll be shocked if it's not nominated. I admit I love documentaries but this goes above and beyond. The filmmakers become part of the story which adds another whole dimension to the film. Plus, I love dolphins and whales and want to do what I can to help the planet, our environment.

It also goes into the fishing industry and mercury levels (especially in one of the "special features.") Guess it's obvious I am highly recommending this one!

People protect what they love.
~Jacques Cousteau

I hope this New Year brings with it
not only hope,
but a renewed passion in the things we care about,
in the things we love.
May you dig deep and remember what you once knew,
You can do anything.

Love and honor
Courage and faith
in this

We begin a 
Blessed New Year


erin's art and gardens said...

well, after viewing that trailor...i will definately watch the movie! i absolutely love dolphin! and had a personal experience with one (in the wild-NOT in a contrived setting)...i often dream i am gliding through the water like a dolphin, and with just a flip of my tail i go soaring! i love that dream...
happy new year to you!
btw...i LOVE paper and ribbon and your drawing too!

BB said...

Unfortunately these kind of issues don´t seem to concern the average citizen . It´s a DOC that woke my curiosity a bit. But I´m gonna tell you something quite shocking...this is only the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, we live in a society that keeps growing in numbers and with a non stop need for consumption , and It´s my true belief that if we don´t wake up soon the consequences will be terrible. Right now the movie Avatar is grossing an obscene quantity of money with a so called ecological message in 3D. Right !!!. I SAW IT AND IT WAS GREAT,I don´t know it just sounds incoerent . But what makes me sad is that perhaps 20 years from now if we ant to learn something about wildlife we have to rent a DVD about something so common like green grass or leafs on trees.

donna baker said...

I do my part by joining Greenpeace, Peta, Natural Resources Defense Council et al. It can't hurt and we have to do what we can for things that have no voice.

anna said...

love documentaries too! & this looks really good, hope I get a chance to see it. Blessed new year!

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