Friday, August 21, 2009

Crepe Myrtles and Pasadena

O.K. so, I was in Pasadena the other day with my friend Rachel and I could not get over the crepe myrtles everywhere!  (I think "crepe myrtle" has such an unfortunate old lady ring to it ... especially for something that is so vibrant!)  Rarely am I in Pasadena and I am embarrassed to admit that instead of being in this quiet, enchanting, older area near Mission Street, I am usually over on Colorado going to J.Crew and getting a facial at Burke Williams.  

To walk around near the sweet little library and old craftsman homes in South Pasadena felt a bit like, as my friend said, being in a little New England town.  She's from there, so she can say that.

"Today, I root myself in the earth, I connect to the seasons
and cycles of life, the great wheel of nature that sustains us all.
I reach beneath my daily life, 
funding my soul with the grace that underlies all things.
I am grounded in life itself."

~ Julia Cameron from "Transitions"

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nycrun said...

lovely passage