Monday, August 31, 2009

Getty Villa Gorgeous

Deciding to escape the heat, once again, my friend Rachel and I made reservations for the Getty Villa yesterday. (Very easy, just go to the wesite.)  The weather?  GORGEOUS!!!!  There was even an ocean breeze.  I guess that is one of the reasons people pay the big bucks to live in Malibu.  It was spectacular ... even just sitting for over an hour having lunch outside under the umbrellas.

As you can see, I did some sketching yesterday, though the drawing of Leda and the Swan was from the Drawing from Antiquities class I took at the Villa last year.  Great deal because you pay for the class but not parking (which is a steep 15 bucks now) and it's on a day when the museum is closed, so except for a few school tours it's pretty quiet.
Tickets go on sale Sept. 1st for the Oct.- Dec. classes so be on the phone right when lines open because they fill up fast!  Classes have all levels, so don't be shy!

Aphrodite  Greek, probably made in Sicily  425-400 

Leda and the Swan  Roman, A.D. 1-100  (and my favorite at the villa)

Venus  Roman, A.D. 175-200

I am the birth of Venus.
I am the secret keeper and its giver.
I am made from the mystery of oceans.
I am the salt of tears and the rosy sweetness.
of the marine dawn.  I am the body
and the temple of the body.
I am the dreaming woman who uncurls.
My wisdom is celebration.
~ from Awaiting a Lover
Nancy Bauch and Michelle Lizeri

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