Friday, August 28, 2009

Palm Trees

I love palm trees.  Not just the way they look but the sound they make.  The rustling sound of palm trees is so specific, like a piece of music you know by heart and when you close your eyes ... you could be anywhere. Close your eyes and you could be in Mexico, in Hawaii, Tahiti or ... Ventura, California.  Sometimes it's nice to imagine being far away from where we are but most of the time it's important to be right where we are, in this moment, living ... right where we are.

Ventura, California

Music is all around us.  Listen for it.
Seek it out.  Know you're welcome to join in.
Don't worry about how well you carry a tune
or whether you know all the words.
You've been invited to the campfire.  
Sing along.
You'll have the time of your life.

~ Melody Beattie
Journey to the Heart

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