Thursday, August 20, 2009

Highland Park

The thing I love about L.A. is how many different versions of this city there are.  Drive just a few miles east and it feels a thousand miles away.  I hung out at my friend's little artist cottage yesterday, relaxing, hanging art on her walls and hearing the wild parrots that seem to avoid my neighborhood.  Maybe they don't like Sycamores. Anyway, there was a lovely cross breeze and a great feeling of having been away from it all. 

We capped off our day with beers at The York and I must say we will definitely be going back.  I will admit to being a sucker for exposed brick, fabulous lighting fixtures and menus on chalkboards but it also had a good energy about it and the draft beers were pretty fabulous.  (Do people use "fabulous" to describe beer?)

Art is neither a profession nor a hobby.
Art is Way of being.
~Frederick Franck

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