Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free Concerts at LACMA

Last evening I jumped in my car and headed to meet friends for a free concert in the park.  It still amazes me how many places around town there are (especially in summer) to hear free music and be out enjoying the community.  Last night it was tango music and there were quite a few people there picnicking with their entire families. 
At LACMA in the summer there are three free concerts a week!  There is Friday Night Jazz which actually starts in April and continues until November (6-8pm in the middle area of the museum between all the buildings.)  Saturday Jazz is in Hancock Park behind the museum on 6th Street at the Dorothy Collins Brown Amphitheater. (It starts at 5 and goes for a couple of hours.  I went on the website and the Saturdays program goes through September.)
Then on Sundays there is chamber music in the evening at the Bing Theater.

Looking out toward artist CHOI Jeong-Hwa's chain link fence where people in the community are adding there own sculptures of plastic containers.  It's called "Happy Happy" and is part of the exhibit  "Your Bright Future:  12 Contemporary Artists from Korea."  Definitely click on his link (click on his name) and check out this artist.  He does some really fun, colorful art installations.  

"Happy Happy" - Choi Jeong-Hwa

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