Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Walk lightly on your path...

I love when I open a book right to the perfect page ... the perfect passage for that moment.  I got home from an hour and a half drive which can be relaxing or it can be a way for your mind to go to places you don't necessarily need to go. I like to refer to it as "writing the miniseries."  You know, the one that is fiction but your mind treats as fact?  I got home and opened Melody Beattie's book "Journey to the Heart" and this was the passage I turned to.

Let go of heaviness.  Seek that which is light.  
Gravitate toward joy.
Your soul and body will lead you, if only you will listen.  
Walk lightly,
Speak and laugh lightly, as much as possible.  
Go lightly along your way.
~ Melody Beattie


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