Monday, August 10, 2009

His Face

I am generally not a fan of drawing male figures.  Maybe because I have drawn so many more female nudes, it's just easier.  The thing is, many artists I know feel this way ... curvy women are easier draw.  Curvy women are easier than skinny girls ... maybe it's all the angles with skinny girls and men.  Of course, the personality of the model is a huge part of it and if you really respond to him or her on a deeper level ... the connection makes a difference.  During my cleaning and organizing I found this drawing. Once and a while I do get to draw a male model that has a sensitivity and brings forth something more emotional, a vulnerability  ...  Check out his face.  Sweet.  Do you love it?  (Not boasting the drawing... it was his face, of course!)

He had his eyes closed and I wondered where he was.  Was he just wishing he was somewhere else?  He was pensive, but there was something else happening.  Where did he go, what was he thinking about?

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