Sunday, October 4, 2009

Favorite Flower?

Do you have a favorite flower? There are so many I love and it has changed over the years.  I went through this whole daisy period, so much so that I thought "If a guy shows up for a date with me and brings daisies I'll know he's the one."  Well, that actually happened but eventually my daisy period ended and so did my relationship with Ken.  There was also my sunflower phase, my tulip phase and my tropical "I wish I were in Hawaii" phase. 

These were painted for my sister, who always has an orchid plant in her bedroom and my friend Melissa, who's mother sends her peonies every year as soon as they're in bloom.  I love flower rituals and traditions.  Do you have any?

Melissa's Peonies

Penny's Thai Orchid

"My love will be like this:
an abundant earth,
and all my golden harvests
I will place at your feet."

1 comment:

melissa n. said...

Love my Peony Lu ! Love you more !