Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sundays in Fall

I love Sundays. As a kid, I didn't much like Sundays.  I let the fact that I had school the next day taint most of my entire day. The funny thing is that I loved Fridays even though I had school. I loved the anticipation of the weekend! Over the years I have finally learned to be much more in the present moment and enjoy ... especially on Sundays.

Right now, I am enjoying the marigolds on my dining table and listening to John Boswell, "The Painter." Whenever I hear it, I am instantly back in San Diego at The Nature Company with my Dad. He'd come to visit me when I was going to school down there. We walked in the store and heard this beautiful piano music playing and he bought the cassette for both of us.  The music always reminds me of my him.

Do you remember The Nature Comapany?  I loved that store.  When you walked in, there was always a water feature and beautiful music playing ... they sold fossils and geodes and telescopes, and those leaves dipped in silver and gold at Christmastime. Everything was so beautifully merchandised in beautiful wooden cabinetry.  I worked at a Gap in a San Diego mall at the time and could always decompress by walking into The Nature Company.  It was so peaceful ... in a mall! 

John Boswell?  You can now get on iTunes.  His Christmas CD is Beautiful too ... It's called "Festival of the Heart."

"What brings you comfort?
What makes you feel safe, cozy, warm, loved?
What places?  What people?  What events?  
Learn to comfort yourself.
Learn to accept comfort, and learn to give it.
Go to that special place of comfort whenever you need to.  
Stay as long as you wish.
The healing power of comfort will make life better."
Journey to the Heart

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PK Studios said...

I bought new marigold on Sunday too!! Love them. Love your photos! PK